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Technomate TM5502HD Motorised Ch List 50 West to 5 2017-06-25

No permission to download
Technomate TM5502HD Motorised Ch List 50 West to 50 East
TBN Ku Band TV Channel list by William-1,
TM5502HD + 100cm dish all satellite transponders updated 10th February 2017

This TBN file can be use with these Technomate satellite receivers:-
TM5302HD & TM5502HD

All Transponders updated on 28.2 east,19.2 east & 13 east most other satellites are up to date.

Intelsat-29E @ 50°west only data streams atm

Intel-14 @ 45°west
Telstar-11N @ 37.5°west "occasional feeds"
Eutelsat-36 West A @ 36°west "occasional feeds"
Intelsat-903 @34.5°west west "occasional feeds"
Intelsat-25 @ 31.5°west
Hispasat @ 30°west
Intel-907 @ 27.5°west
Intel 905 @ 24.5°west
SES-4 @ 22° west
Telstar-12 Vantage @ 15°west
Express AM8 @ 14°west
Eutel-12 West B @ 12.5°west
Express AM44 @ 11°west
Eutel-8 West B @ 8°west
Eutel-7 West A @ 7.3°west
Eutel-5 West A @ 5°west
Amos 2/3 @ 4°west
Thor-5/6/7 @ 0.8°west
Eutelsat 3B @ 3.1°east
Astra 4A @ 4.8°east
Eutelsat 7A/7B @ 7°east
Eutelsat 9B @ 9°east
Eutelsat 10A @ 10°east
Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E @ 13°east
Eutelsat 16A @ 16°east
Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N @ 19.2°east
Eutelsat 21B @ 21.6°east
Astra 3B @ 23.5°east
Badr-4 @ 26°east
Astra 2E/2F/2G @ 28.2°east
Eutelsat 31A (incl. 1.5°) @ 30.9°east "occasional feeds"
Eutelsat 33C/33E @ 33.1°east "occasional feeds"
Eutelsat 36B @ 36°east
Hellas Sat 2 @ 39°east
Express AM7 @ 40°east No Ku for Western Europe atm
Türksat 2A/3A/4A @ 42°east
IS-12 @ 45°east
AzerSpace 1 @ 46°east
Türksat 4B @ 50°east

Not updated as my 100cm dish only covers 50 east to 50 west.
Belarus Sat 1 @ 51.5°east
TürkmenÄlem/MonacoSat @ 52°east
Yahsat-1A @ 52.5°east
Express-AM6 @ 53°east

Plus additional satellites & feeds here:-
SES-5 @ 5°east
Intel-10-02 @ 1°west
ABS-3A @ 3°west "occasional feeds"
NSS-7 @ 20°west nothing here atm.

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