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Sunray-Openatv-5.0-vusolo2-20150704 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret


    This image is a 100% build from OpenATV source code.
    OpenATV 5.0 uses Gstreamer 1.4.5 which will give better DivX and IPTV stream playback.
    It's a 100% clean image !

    OE-a Update 3.0

    Update from version 2.7.3 to Pyhton version 2.7.9
    Update gcc compiler 4.9.1 to 4.9.2
    Update gclib 2.20 to 2.21
    Update busybox version 1.22.1 to version 1.23.1
    Update Bbtbake 1.23 to 1.27
    Oe-core November 2014 to March / April 2015

    Many security Updates and lib / tools updates

    Please note: The image is still under development, so don't expect everything to work.

    Updating is possible, but keep in mind future driver updates may harm your box.
    To make safe updates enter the following in a telnet session:
    sed -i '/Package: kernel-module-dvb-bcm7356/{n; s/3.13.5-/30.13.5-/g;}' /var/lib/opkg/status
    This patch sets the driver version from 3.13.5 to 30.13.5, so it won't get updated during the online update process !

    source: dailybuild
    drivers: 20150623 (patched)
    size: 80.8 Mb
    skin: MetrixHD

    Image flashing:
    Extract zip file to usb and insert in front usb

    OpenATV-5.0-Vu+Solo2 dailybuild​

    Click this Link to Download File:
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