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slybox/openbox update 2017-06-25

No permission to download
All channel fixed and renamed mostly movies.
Fixed "racing uk HD"
I have removed "ITV sports HD" (not on c/s)
I have also removed sly sports 5 uk.
It will be sky sports 5 ireland. There is no difference to them channels until 3pm football on saturdays.
Irish tv removed (no longer broadcasting)

list is made as close as possible to AJs so you don't need to get used to different channel orders.
Channels start from 1 not 101.
Screen shot will show channel order.
Works on skybox/openbox.....

If i have missed any please let me know.

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channel list not working any help
Could all please keep an eye on this thread please.

i am not aware of these comments unless I check.
Or PM me.
I will upload fixes in thread if possible.
Sky sports news and sky sports 4 is working on my latest update.
hi thanks for d/load

i can't get sky sports 4 or sky sports news
do you have any suggestions?
cheers biggerbri1
have you got one that fixes the Current Sky Sports News Issue