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OPenPlus 1.0 Final-2015-09-25-vusolo2-SunRay-ramiM 2017-06-25

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OPenPlus 1.0 Final-2015-09-25-vusolo2-SunRay-ramiMAHER


patched drivers -2015-06-23-by-ramiMAHER

OPENPLUS 1.0 - Public
Openplus is a firmware from TV decoders (DTT/SAT/CABLE) based on open source software Enigma2.
OPENPLUS is based on open source code enigma2 published by OpenAtv and other authors.
This image does not contain keys, emulators or other systems that allow viewing without a active subscription.

Openplus consists of a set of software from multiple authors with various licenses are available on each package.
All code generated by the team of Open-Plus, is licensed under GPL.
As indicated in the license this software comes with no guarantee.

Feature Highlights:
- Skin Openplus as default skin.
- Skin optional Metrix-lb based on the skin of the same name.
- LbPanel (specific version openplus)
- Translated into Spanish by 99.9%
- Including the latest drivers from the manufacturers.
- Lbtunerserver, share your network channels, SmarTV, mobile, tablet, pc ...
- Skinparts for skin OpenplusHd and MyMetrix
- Downloads Team, Bootlogos, spinners, picon and more.
- 7 days EPG from the satellite or from our server.
- In Lbpanel you'll find, peer analysis, free memory, NTP synchronization, Creation Swap ...
Auto update image and channel lists. (Only lists that come with image)

Function buttons:
Red = Lbpanel
Rojo_largo = Softemus (with extraappstore)
Green = Menu Plugin
Long Green = Resolution
Blue = Quick Menu
Long Blue = Extensions Menu

Thanks to OpenAtv team for the development of multiple code
Thanks to the team of OpenSpa for the development of the code for 7 days epg M+
Thanks to forum for housing and feeds
Thanks to all the developments and beta testers of openplus. ​

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