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[OE2.2] Plugin KodiDirect 2017-06-25

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[OE2.2] Plugin KodiDirect - for Dreamboxes incl. DM7080HD

Hi Friends,

Greetings for the festive season ! :)

I attach below a new plugin KodiDirect.v1.0. It plays kodi-xbmc plugins directly from official kodi repositories. Users can also use other plugins and repositories of their choice.

This plugin can play the latest versions of many xbmc official plugins. For example - users do not have to wait for other enigma2 plugins to copy YouTube from xbmc !

Plugins can be input directly to the plugin folder /KodiDirect/plugins, or inserted in the plugin file /KodiDirect/host.txt as links to gihub plugins folders, or as links to repositories (unzipped) placed somewhere in the image. Please see host.txt for examples.

Some older plugins in the repositories may not work as they need updating by the authors - and probably do not work in any other device (pc and android).

Software (in the addons list screen) will provide additional software which may be needed by different image types.

If plugin XBMCAddons is already installed - KodiDirect can be found in Plugins and also in Extenssions lists. Users can continue using XBMCAddons - but please note that it will not be supported any more. Any particular XBMCAddons plugin that does not work with KodiDirect - may be converted on request.

Tip :- Some plugins will require youtube. When it is installed - please get it working first before trying the plugin that asked for it.

Finally - please note that at this stage the plugin is "work in progress" and your reports of any problems and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, pcd.

Thx @ pcd

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