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nstream player update 18/9/13 2017-06-25

nstream player update 18/9/13

  1. Ferret
    -updated tv shows& added supersky ,MoviesHD & skymovies1,2,3,4,5,6
    -added animal planet HD
    -updated arabic teledunet
    -updated uk chs
    -updated jsc+1>+10 with extra links (next UpD. jsc HD will be added)
    -added PPV WWE Night Of Champions 2013 REPLAY
    -updated general sports
    -added arena sport1,2,3,4 & sporttv (1,2,3) m3u8 {takes time to open)
    deleted dead links

    -please help me by reporting any dead links needs updates in chat section, thanx

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