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MX Linux + XBMC for Amlogic M6/GBox MX2 v1.00 2017-06-25

No permission to download

- Unplug devices power.

- Place the MX_LINUX_vX.XX-XXXX-Update.zip on the root of your usb drive or sdcard and plug it in to the device.

- Using a toothpick or something similer (non-conductive) push and hold the reset button and plug in the devices power
(Release the reset button once your in recovery).
(The reset button is located inside the 3.55mm jack labled A/V, this may differ on your device)

- Select "Install update from EXT"

- If your using a usb drive select "Install from udisk", else if your using a sdcard select "Install from sdcard"

- Select the MX_LINUX_vX.XX-XXXX-Update.zip and wait while it installs

- Once install is complete select "Reboot system now"

- Enjoy!

(G18REF/MX2REF) NOTE: If your 2nd boot splash is not displayed properly do the following

- Flash build v0.03

- Allow full boot

- Repeat upgrade procedure with newest version


- Airpaly is broken (video is reported broken)
- Some DVD ISO's and high bitrate videos playback leggy (ISO's Fixed in repos, Testing high bitrate video)
- TVHeadend client does not work 100% (Testing)
- Setting volume to full can cause crackling/popping with some signals (Fixed in repos)
- Broadcom WIFI adapters don't work (WIP)
- STVMX: LED lights on box my not work properly (WIP)


[email protected] for xbmc source
Buildroot.org for buildroot source
[email protected] for AML fixs
[email protected] for help and fixs along the way
[email protected] for his work on AML devices
[email protected] for his work on MX devices
Amlogic for access to there sources
XDA for hosting these fourms
DevHost and Goo.im for free premium file hosting

Click this Link to Download File:
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