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MX Linux + XBMC for Amlogic M6/GBox MX2 v1.00 2017-06-25

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- Unplug devices power.

- Place the on the root of your usb drive or sdcard and plug it in to the device.

- Using a toothpick or something similer (non-conductive) push and hold the reset button and plug in the devices power
(Release the reset button once your in recovery).
(The reset button is located inside the 3.55mm jack labled A/V, this may differ on your device)

- Select "Install update from EXT"

- If your using a usb drive select "Install from udisk", else if your using a sdcard select "Install from sdcard"

- Select the and wait while it installs

- Once install is complete select "Reboot system now"

- Enjoy!

(G18REF/MX2REF) NOTE: If your 2nd boot splash is not displayed properly do the following

- Flash build v0.03

- Allow full boot

- Repeat upgrade procedure with newest version


- Airpaly is broken (video is reported broken)
- Some DVD ISO's and high bitrate videos playback leggy (ISO's Fixed in repos, Testing high bitrate video)
- TVHeadend client does not work 100% (Testing)
- Setting volume to full can cause crackling/popping with some signals (Fixed in repos)
- Broadcom WIFI adapters don't work (WIP)
- STVMX: LED lights on box my not work properly (WIP)


[email protected] for xbmc source for buildroot source
[email protected] for AML fixs
[email protected] for help and fixs along the way
[email protected] for his work on AML devices
[email protected] for his work on MX devices
Amlogic for access to there sources
XDA for hosting these fourms
DevHost and for free premium file hosting

Click this Link to Download File:
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