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MX_LINUX_V0.03-G18REF_MX2REF-Update.zip 2017-06-25

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- Unplug devices power.

- Place the MX_LINUX_v0.03-G18REF_MX2REF-Update.zip on the root of your usb drive or sdcard and plug it in to the device.

- Using a toothpick or something similer (non-conductive) push and hold the reset button and plug in the devices power
(Release the reset button once your in recovery).
(The reset button is located inside the 3.55mm jack labled A/V, this may differ on your device)

- Select "Install update from EXT"

- If your using a usb drive select "Install from udisk", else if your using a sdcard select "Install from sdcard"

- Select the MX_LINUX_v0.03-G18REF_MX2REF-Update.zip and wait while it installs

- Once install is complete select "Reboot system now"

- Enjoy!

All credit to [email protected]

Click this Link to Download File:
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