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KodiDirect.v2.0-r27 OE2.0 2017-06-25

KodiDirect.v2.0-r27 OE2.0

  1. Ferret

    New update20150625

    New plugin KodiUtils (in plugins browser)
    to save/restore addon settings.

    'Tips' for difficult addons in first screen.

    Full-HD skins with thumbpics possible.
    In Config set skin resolution-'Full-HD'
    and Thumbpics-'yes'.Restart enigma.

    Aspect ratio change during play,
    User addon testing possible - put
    in folder /KodiDirect/plugins,

    New addons :
    20150625:Yifymovies.hd, 1Channel
    20150603:nowtv.de-needs python-pycrypto
    20150528;wwe,kontor,karafun,pt-tp(pt films)

    thx @ pcd, mfaraj & Xtrendmaster

    Click this Link to Download File:
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