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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 5.15 (Universal) JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 5.15 (Universal)

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JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 5.15 (Universal)

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KiddaC whrote:
-I have managed to fix problem of a cetain playlist returning nothing.
-Add / Edit playlist should now be fixed for everything. (I copied a pasted something last time without checking it, which caused the error)
-Series no matter how large, should now download, also should now not be blank on update. (That was a mission - i still might have got it wrong).
-removed the python requests module pop up. I no longer need it, although it is a better module and this whole plugin would have been a lot easier to code if it was a universal module on all boxes.
-There was comments my bouquet creation was now slower - this is because I was redrawing the screen for every category progress (screen draw is slow). I have amended this to be every 5 categories that it updates the progress screen, so shoud be 5 times quicker.
-I have removed any reference to enigma2.php API, it was meant to be a quicker approach to check whether a provider had live, vod and series, but for the tiny speed benefit, it brought in its own problems which could be avoided. So Stripped that back out and gone back how I have done it forever.
-Added in some foregroundcolorselected colours that was missing for some of the skins (not every box skin has white text). So made sure I set this properly now.

-DreamOS Only - we originally found a good hack to override config(settings) fonts, offset and itemheight as they are set globally on dreamos and not on individual screens. This worked very well. Didn't make some DreamOS users happy though as I never realised I actually changed the font globally for what ever skin was installed. So that has had to be taken back out. If you want to use the jedi font on Jedi Plugin and override your skin font. Uncomment the applet code in.
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