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isettingE2 OE1.6 & OE2.0 2017-06-25

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* Added a new SettingMan 'CloudItaly', which will take care of along with Linterista the settings with the numbering SKY;
* Added a new option for maintaining the settings of the 'Parental Control';
* Added support of DVB-T2 tuner in the scan channel LCN;
* Added a check in the initialization phase of the plugin to check free space in the device (FLASH, USB, HDD, ...) where the plugin is resident. There should be at least 5MB of disk space;
* Added the opportunity to update the plugin, even after its effective date;
* Correct the fault that occurred on some pictures, the block of keys on the remote control that prevented the full functionality of the plugin;
* Added to the skin of the plugin, a custom font, which completely untie the bond with the skin of the System;
* Added the following languages: English, German, French and Latvian (The German language is still incomplete);
* Improved handling of profiles. You can now set or force the chosen profile.
* Fixed some control conditions in the management of Scan LCN.
* Fixed the issue of the visibility of the keys when you walked in the submenu.
* Fixed problem on QboxHD (Mini-) that caused the crash and the cancellation of USB support system.
Now finziona regularly.
* New management for the automatic detection of the location of the temporary folder, while upgrading the Settings and Plugin.

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