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isettinge2-3.3.1 OE2.0 2017-06-25

isettinge2-3.3.1 OE2.0

  1. Ferret
    Removed lock Maintaining Favorites list with the settings of the Motor .
    WARNING : The operation can last 30/60 minutes with very high CPU loads , which depend on several factors :
    Nr . Of records to read.
    Nr . Of channels to be replaced .
    Nr . Of channels to see if visible .
    CPU speed of the decoder .
    Amount of RAM of the decoder .
    On Decoder dated and with little memory , it is strongly recommended to use the Memory SWAP ;
    Added check the date of the settings in the list of Bouquet while updating with the function of the Maintenance of the list of favorites ;
    Edited lists of SettingMan : Cyrus , CloudItaly , Onopkos , Corvone , Morpheus , Predr @ g , Malimali ;
    Improved filtering logic of the selection of Satellites . Now by default all satellites are deleted , except those selected ;
    Proper Backup function that caused the non-write files on devices with FAT32 ;
    Correct a small error that caused the crash of the decoder when selecting a feed , in the absence of internet connection ;

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