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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] iptvplayer_2017.09.28.01_all 2017-09-28

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whats new:
-New version of the host after changes on the website
-Fix problem with thumbnails loading from cache
-Fix webstream host crash.
-Fix typing string by numeric buttons - because of bug user was able to type only one character
-Fix some links extraction from
-urllist player - handle parameter iptv_proto from url - fix links extraction from server 5 - fix categories filtering
-Add new host
-Fix bad characters in translation which could cause E2 crash.
-Remove Hungarian translation because it contains many bugs which could
-Speed up links extraction from
-Deploy new version of the duktape utility
-Fix napiprojekt and hosts crash when network failed
-Fix links extraction from and - fix listing of playable items
-Fix links extraction from
-Fix rebranded as
-video4k - fix possible host crash - fix links extraction
-Add "wait time" ( required by some services) presentations.
-Remove not working host
-Add new host IPTVPlayer info
-Add new host
-Fix links extraction for service
-openload, cloudflare - clear the code
-Fix wrong URL
-Improve flashx links extractor
-Fix links extraction from
-Improve links extractor for - mark previusly selected hosting links
-Make date manipulation function to common part
-Add links extractor for
-Inform user that requires TLS SNI extension
-Add links extractor - fix links extraction
-Fix episodes listing
-Add new host