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iptvplayer_165.00.12.00 2017-07-02

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whats new:
-Add mpeg-dash manifest parsing to the host Urllist player
-Fix login to streamlive.to, fix links extractactor for myvi.ru
-Deploy hlsdl version 0.09
-Deploye new version hlsdl v0.08
-Fix eskago links extraction for radio streams. Deploy new version of hlsdl (Fix eskago links extraction for radio streams.(fix segfault on eskago TV streams links)
-Add support for ffmpeg 3.3.X for exteplayer3 detection
-Change domain of libre-stream.com service to ls-streaming.com
-Add links extractors for: vod-share.com, vidoza.net, clipwatching.com
-goldvod - fix listing of channels
-Fix streamlive.to links extraction.
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