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iptvplayer_158.00.02.00_all 2017-06-25

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whats new:

-Fix video playback from when player without buffering is used.
-Add new host
-Fix host, add support for link extractor
-Add youtube_id to youtube video link. This will allow to download auto translated subtitles (if available) for videos from youtube.
-Fix links extraction from
-Fix links extractor for and
-youtube - fix next page in search results
-youtube: add support for group of playlists in file ytlist.txt
-Perform additional type protection in main widget
-Fix gomovies
-youtube - fix search
-Youtube: add support to add channels and playlists items to favorites.
-Fix - add support for captcha - extract thumbnails for series items
-Fix links extraction from some channels from service
-Fix links extractor
-Add new host
-Fix moonwalkcc
-Fix problem with links extraction for
-Add subtitles support for the zdfmediathek service
-Add workaround for subtitles from Das Erste
-Add possiblity to add whole series to favorities
-Cosmetic change.
-Fix links extraction from
-Another fix for ustream live streams
-Fix links extractor for live streams

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