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iptvplayer_143.04.00.01 2017-06-25

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whats new:
-New feature for external movie player - video mode selection
-Exteplayer add support for video mode selection.
-Extract all links from hosting
-Remove not working services from the webstreams
-Fix for and links extractors.
-Fix premium links for host when webproxy is needed to be used.
-Additional fix for
-Fix vidlox link extractor
-Additional fix for links extractor.
-Fix links extractor for
-Fix youtube parser - special language characters were wrong encodes
-Fix for python2.6
-Fix - fix search
-Fix FlashX links extractor.
-Fix search in the host
-Fix links extraction
-Fix seasons titles in TVP VOD
-Fix bug in last commit.
-Add new manner of the OpenSSL version detection
-123movies change domain list.
-Fix link extractor for the hosting.
-Fix web proxy mode for the videostar service.
-TVP VOD - fix links extraction for live streams fr
-TVP VOD - add Live streams from TVP SPORT
-Update backup domain for the icefilms host
-Fix "Press here" links for the host
-Allow two lines title in the article visualizer widget
-Fix links extractor for
-Add serivce to the webstream host add categorization
-Fix thumbnail display
-Add service to the webstream host

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