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IPTV Player (Enigma2) plugin 2017-06-25

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I tested it on Ferrari 500 HD with PBNIGMA 3.01 by Delfi, on an earlier version. I had to find the missing Python 2.7 textwrap file, first. Then, I upgraded the plugin. See the attached file for that, to be placed here: /usr/lib/python2.7 and update!

What do you get by this? Well,

1) IPTV streaming (this is a primarily Polish users oriented plugin - but UK [like FilmOn >Live UK TV > BBC, ITV, Ch4 etc.], as well as Germany and other countries are also served by it) but also

2) playback in home network (from NAS or PC etc.)!

It even has subtitle player thrown in, for good measure... ;)

The results - overall speaking - are phenomenal! I am tempted to call this "VLC of Enigma2", since anything thrown at it simply works!!!

============ESSENTIAL INFO============

IPTV Player E2 plugin

It works on mipsel and SH4 platforms (auto-detection, I think during installation)!

The plugin can give you, for instance, FilmOn (UK Live, with BBC, ITV, Ch4 etc.) and much, much more, in terms of IPTV!

I use it with SmartDNS service (cheap!!! [you can even get it all encrypted via a proxy server with VPN in various countries]) to get the UK IP address and it works (Smart DNS Proxy + SmartVPN + VPN):

Put the attached .ipk in /tmp folder of your E2 'powered' STB and install the usual way, then go to Plugins and start the IPTV Player > Update the plugin to the latest version first (new ones keep coming up on a daily basis, sometimes more than one, even...)! Restart E2 is automatic.

Go to MENU > Setup > System > Configure IPTV Player the way you need it to be - plenty of options there but don't be lazy, it is good that you have all those options!!!

Then, when you choose, for example, the Web Stream section and go to FilmOn, for instance > UK Live TV > (blue button) More > Set Active Movie Player > if you have a good IT provider/fast connection choose "[external] without buffering" > I usually choose low bitrate but you can try high, too, see if it works... It is easier on the memory and it works, generally speaking, as mentioned above...

Local Media section gives you whatever shared folders in your home network you already mounted and it works really beautifully, at least on my system! Even heavy-duty 1080p + DTS mkv's (no FF or RW functions), never mind the 'regular' avi's or mp4's (FF and RW work there)!!!

Enjoy testing and then using relentlessly!!!

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