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IPTV List Updater 0.90 2017-06-25

IPTV List Updater 0.90

  1. Ferret
    IPTV List Updater 0.90

    0.90 (16.06.2013):
    - LOG output to TV
    - rename Aduld to XXX-Aduld
    - first Step to Update Script over Internet
    - change back to all.ipk (need for Dreambox 800HD User. So we don´t need mips32el-nl!)
    - small fixes
    - Kurdisch added
    - add first Step for Downloadcheck
    - added "Welcome" screen
    - added FAQ in "Welcome" Screen
    - add first Steps of FAQ (German)
    - added Changelog in "Welcome" Screen
    - changed yellow button in IPTV Main Plugin from "Reload GUI" to "Install all" to install all IPTV Bouquet
    - changed blue button in IPTV Main Plugin from "Info" to "Update scripts"
    - some preparation for online update scripts
    - added automatically reload Bouquet after closing plugin if installed minimum one Bouquet
    - Plugin now available in PluginPanel (Blue Button)
    - changed buttons

    Thx @ Nobody28