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Github Plugin Updater 2019-04-13

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Github Plugin Updater

"GithubPluginUpdater" is a plugin for uncomplicated getting the latest github versions on the box.
This is then directly on the box without awkward to copy over the PC what.
You can also activate the auto-update-check in the settings at the box-start, so that if there are new github-updates a corresponding message box is displayed at the box start.

The plugin currently supports the following github plugins:
- Serial Recorder
- Series Plugin
- InfoBarTunerState
- EnchancedMovieCenter

Perhaps this list could later be made variable and supplemented. Currently it is limited to these four.
Should not all be installed on the box of the 4 mentioned plugins, that is not bad.
The plugin recognizes this and then ignores the missing plugins automatically.

important NOTE:
Especially in hereby easy way to get a github version on the box exists
also the big danger, that you quickly copy a test version onto the box, which then
can lead to problems or even crashes.
Therefore, this plugin should only use experienced users who also know how to solve problems
They then get the box running smoothly again.
Inexperienced users who would not copy a github-zip version to the box, this plugin is not recommended !!!!
So you should be aware that when you install a github version quite a
not fully functional test version installed on the box.

In the attached screnshots you can see the interface of the plugin for a better understanding.
1 x if everything is up to date and 1 x if there are updates for the plugins.
(in order to start the offered updates, you only need to press the respective color key)
In the setup you can also adjust some settings.
The menu (usefully via the menu button) offers in addition to the call of the settings also
some more advanced options like "forced update" and "restore backup".

In the appendix the current installation files (zip, ipk and deb).
The * is for the Dreamboxes with OE2.5, whereupon the plugin was / is programmed
Definitely Dreambox users are on the way here.[/quote]





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