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FlashBackup 6.2 OE1.6 & OE2.0 2017-06-25

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[ FlashBackup ]


FlashBackup 6.2

-Name is (FlashBackup)
-Make Full Backup
-From any image Internal or External
-Clean Backup without BA links
-Stable Backup (Hope that)
-For all Boxes (Genuine & Clone)
-Backup with any SSlxx you want
-You can start backup and go back to watch TV (Progress backup will be run in background
(P.s: If do backup to work on the background will not give a completion message so better to leave progress windows open it )

Install plugin:
send plugin to /tmp and from telnet:

opkg -force-overwrite install /tmp/FlashBackup*

Remove plugin:

opkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-flashbackup

After install plugin make restart enigma2 to get it on Plugin browser or on setup menu

Those who can not install plugin, Because some protection from some plugins such as Barryallen same as code shown below, Do this command on telnet then try to install again (Don't send plugin manually NEVER)


Click this Link to Download File:
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