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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] e2m3u2bouquet_0.8.1_all e2m3u2bouquet_0.8.1_all

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whats new:

-Fix issue where new providers couldn't be added
-When providers bouquet is downloaded (-b or -bd option) now uses full
service references
instead of just the epg relevant part in case it's used for picon naming
-Better multi provider handler e.g. if there is an issue with one provider it
won't stop the script processing others
-If vod categories are out of order in the playlist group together
-Fix file naming issues with non alphanumeric characters
-Much faster when using an override file :)
-Don't retry failed picon downloads
-Option to add placeholder channel in override file (to control channel numbering)
-Allow channels to be moved between categories, use categoryOverride in the override file
-All custom categories, use customCategory="true" in the override file
-Add provider managed update support
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