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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] e2istream_20190606-r0 e2istream_20190606-r0

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Whats new in this nice shiney version :)
- Added this information host so you know whats new :)
- Updated 18+ Only host
- Added Hungarian hosts: Filmezz, Moovie and Mozicsillag
- Added Latino hosts: MrPiracy (please test and give feedback)
- Added Greek hosts: gamato, cosmos, oipeirates, tainieskaiseires and xrysoise
- Added Balkin hosts: andrijaiandjelka and pregledajnet

Known and outstanding issues:
- 123Movies search is not working, Ive disabled search for now.
- fails to show camera feeds.
- Sport365 stops after 5 mins - read the messagebox and watch some online adverts!!
- Please avoid reporting missing hosts - they are "missing" for a reason.