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DW Backup OpenATV 5.1 31.8.15 Cloud Ibox 2+ & 3 Un 2017-06-25

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hi ferret can u help me with this,i only recently got my box fixed as i bricked it before while flashing it and i dont want to do it again,its a clone ibox2 plus but i cant seem to get how this works ,where is the bootloader file you have to flash first as all i get when i download it is a cloudix file with the following in it.
force,imageversion,kernel.bin,rootfs.bin,splash.bin.should there be an xpeedlx file or am i missing it,thanks
tried it works great apart from adding my line ive done everything right but it wont work
changed the N: to CWS = restarted mgcam reboot box and still it doesnt work what am i missing