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Dreamset 2.40 2017-06-25

Dreamset 2.40

  1. Ferret
    26/10/2014 - ver 2.40
    Added:Enigma2, reading and writing services CAIDs
    Added:Enigma2, services without CAIDs or CAIDs with zeros are shown as free in Dreamset
    Added:Enigma2, empty services supported in bouquets (fix for fastscan)
    Added:Extra options when transfer settings to receiver, ignore satellites.xml (E2,neutrino) and ignore services.xml (Neutrino)
    Added:Added: Neutrino, support for upcoming settings version API-3
    Fixed:Read settings from receiver, ignore IE local cache.
    Fixed:minor bug fixes
    Fixed:Neutrino, cable settings
    **** Known Issuse, Windows XP not supported *****

    dreamset240x64.zip (3.51 MB) for 64bit
    dreamset240.zip (3.26 MB) for 32bit

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