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Dreambox uk v2.1.2 sim 2.01 84b 2017-06-25

Dreambox uk v2.1.2 sim 2.01 84b

  1. wiz569
    Here is an updated version of dreambox uk v2.1.2 for us with sim 2.01 bl84b

    Updated enigma from 6/03 to 30/03

    Changed spinner to pli default I like it better

    Fixed timeshift recording

    Added TS panel 4.9 plugin ,virtual zap, dflash 1.9 , cross epg

    Mounted boot in fstab so we can back up image

    Emu CCCAM 2.21

Recent Reviews

  1. pct0906
    Version: 2017-06-25
    :thumbsup: Good thought. Very good foundation to build on. Very stable so far. Thanks to makers