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OpenPLi-4.0-beta-dm800seV2 SSL #88a 2017-06-25

OpenPLi-4.0-beta-dm800seV2 SSL #88a

  1. wiz569
    OpenPLi-4.0-beta-800seV2 #ssl88a

    Finaly OpenPLi 4.0 with SIM2 SSL88a and patched 20131001 drivers.
    I created the image with some code taken from OpenATV, OpenPLi has no support for the dm800seV2 !


    This image is a 100% build image from OpenPLi source.
    You can use the update function, but if the PLi team switches to a new driver or ssl you may end up with a non functional box (which is an easy fix).
    Check the Openpli Oe Core history to be sure. You can find all Enigma2 changes here.

    Please note: The image is still under development, so don't expect everything to work.
    Because this image does not exist in original PLi form, this image uses an alternative feed server.

    source: dailybuild
    drivers: 20131001 patched
    bootloader: ssl88a
    size:55.2 mb


    standard bootlogo

    No additional plugins installed, use the plugins menu and download with the green button.



    Image flashing:
    Internet Explorer (recommended)
    Powercycle after flashing