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dFlash 12.1.0 2017-06-25

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dFlash 12.1.0

On the first page is now as promised the new dFlash 12.1.0 kit.

I'm thinking of doing the flashing now as it should even with the dm800sev1 and dm500hdv1 - on the latter, I have tested it myself.

The Recovery Feauture should now just as good and stable as the sofa flashing work, thanks again for all your efforts and the Precious inputs.

And for blu8 the earth should now again be round, because the nfiwrite used now also for jffs2 nandwrite the code as it should be the old stat writenfi code of DMM.

So testing times beautiful the 12.1.0 from dFlash so that we can quickly see if I'm right.

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