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Commando_15.1e_dm500SorC-20160505 2017-06-25

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Commando 15.1e for DM500S or DM500C Release image 05/05/2016

Here we are at last, phew! Welcome to Commando 15.1e for DM500C or DM500S boxes, built today, Thursday 5th May 2016 at around 1330 (but thoroughly tested last 3 days in beta stages)

Main innovation with this release is that Online Updates are back! With a subtle difference from before though... Now, it's automated in the background during restart, taking seconds. The BLUE > BLUE menu page for Updates is now a simple status report, with info. Three possible messages:

Your C15 image is bang up to date!
Image has auto-updated! Press BLUE
Unknown! Press BLUE for more info

In the last two cases, further advice is given. We have resown the seeds for possible root image updates, but currently have no plans to implement this, as it needs time for the dust to settle...

Other enhancements are a big makeover on Renny's caminfo feature (BLUE > MENU > GREEN) which now smart detects if your box is Sat or Cable AND if it's in UK (or not).

Helpfiles have been updated as well, with a new one, too. Find it!

Not to mention @LraiZer's revamped 4 year old nitscan tool for UK DM500C, which creates a new local vm cables.xml for you, direct from the feed, in under 30 seconds, ready for a reliable AutoBouquets VM scan (typically 3 mins)

Naturally, the schoolboy errors (or rather, dopey Old Git errors) present in the last C15.1d release have also been attended to. But this time, TC are rather hoping for a silly bug feedback report that we can fix in the first Online Update, the next time you restart your box, LOL!

As always, have fun!

Team Commando (and Apprentice) ;)

Been asked to upload on this section too. The same image will work on either DVB-S or DVB-C

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