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Commando 15.1b for DM500S or DM500C Release image 2017-06-25

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Okay, guys- thanks to quality feedback, not to mention LraiZer's eagle eyes, the C15.1b test image dated 14 Oct 2015 has now served it's purpose, and TC have now baked a re-release of this image, hot off the press today.

Two builds, actually, so it's all bang up to date as of this morning's services line ups!

Main fix is the "Channel 5" issue in the ROI stream. Hands up- this was our fault (or rather, AL's, for slapdash testing, doh...)

For you Paddys over here and on your local UK SML, we've also added "TV3" and "TV3+1" to the bottom end of the "Regional" bouquet, correctly ordered.

Also included in the attachment are our historical readme HELP files, and Abu's new "How to reflash" from existing Commando or E1 image in glorious illustrated PDF format, for you noobs! Many thanks for your work, Abu!

Whichever DM500 SD box you have (Cable or Sat) PLEASE make your first port of call to the Set My Location menu under the BLUE button menus! For DM500S:


and for DM500C:

BLUE > BLUE > RED(we think..)

Click this Link to Download File:
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