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Championc's hyperion v2 back up 2017-06-25

Back up image for Amiko Alien 2 by championc.

This image is working with the following plugins:-
AutoTimer, AutoVolumeAdjustment, AutoBoquets (latest version), CrossEPG, CoolTVGuide, 1channel, Icefilms, Various Skins, all Picons and Rat's Picon Plugin, Time from NTP, BluePanel, OSCam (blank - no line), SDA1 mounted as HDD, OpenWebIf, Streaming channels separate from one being watched - yipee, SambaServer, PermanentTimeShift and IPTV Updater v1.1.

Web Interface - http://box_ip (port 80)

Telnet and FTP Login username root, password pkteam

Oscam Web Gui - http://box_ip:8888 username root password oscam

SambaServer = from your PC map to \\box_ip\hdd

You can obviously install any other plugins you choose. Enjoy

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