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Amiko Alien 8900 2017-06-25

Amiko Alien 8900

  1. theblueirish
    As promised, here is my Enigma 2 back up of the OpenAR image for the 8900 only.
    Channel list is based on Rats Hd list but with the following changes: Irish channels first (bbc NI, UTV, RTE).
    All SD channels listed beside the HD channels, (I think this is needed due to the judderring on HD channels)
    Cool TV guide,
    Cross EPG,
    Ice films,
    HDMU hdd mount manager,
    a few others.
    Auto bouquets not installed.

    Oscam installed and set to run, edit details in oscam.server.
    Password: openAR

    If anyone feels that it can be improved let me know.

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