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Boot X ver.1.02 2017-06-25

Boot X ver.1.02

  1. Ferret
    Boot X ver.1.02

    - fix bootlogo Boot X for all images
    - added binary "fdisk" to plugin for images who do not have - autodetect and activate
    - added detection availability fs ext3, ext4 and auto select if available ext4 will be using it
    - added the display of the fs for each part
    - full functionallity for openli4 and oozoon images(openpli4 but must be the partition with the ext4 fs, oozoon can be activated only from flash image)
    - autoblock boot option if it is not correct image in selected part
    - added option: flash image copy to the selected partition (appears in restore menu as option)

    Thx shamann

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