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BlackHole Vu+ Duo2 v. 2.0.4 IPTV Backup By Ferret 2017-06-25

BlackHole Vu+ Duo2 v. 2.0.4 IPTV Backup By Ferret

  1. Ferret
    BlackHole Vu+ Duo2 v. 2.0.4 Hyperspace Full Motor IPTV Streaming Special BackUP By Ferret

    Please Note CFE V2 Update Needs To Be Performed On Your DUO2 For This Image To Work


    Image Based On BlackHole Vu+ Duo2 v. 2.0.4



    Emus Added

    Mgcamd 1.38c.

    CCcam 2.3.0

    CCcam 2.1.3

    IPTV Streaming Apps

    Media Portal Latest

    Ondemand ( No 4OD )

    1channel Film & Series Streamer ( Thanks subixonfire ) :thum:

    Icefilms Film & Series Steamer ( Thanks subixonfire ) :thum:

    YouPorn Latest

    TS Media Online ( Thanks mafarj57 ) :thum:

    XBMC Addons With Vidoedevil for testing

    IPTV List Updater


    Cool Mans TV Guide Setup to work with EPGs Configured.
    Picon Path /media/usb/picons


    Series Plugin


    Channel Settings

    Catseye Full Motor Settings:thum:

    @Rat Bouquets Updater For those just wanting 28 East.
    Run from Plugin Menu

    Blackhole team are constantly upgrading the image.

    To do this

    Menu - Addons - Online Black Hole image update

    Password = ferret



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