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Backupsuite 17.2 2017-06-25

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Here's a little update

Changed in version 17.2
- added Italian translation (thanks Xtrendmaster)
- replaced ofgwrite version 1.8 for version 1.9.2
- changed the skinning, moved some png files to the plugin folder so it isn't depending anymore on the Pli-HD skin (I still have to improve it huge!)

BTW: Anyone who knows how to shorten the path in the skin, thus replacing /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/BackupSuite/ to use in the skin, so only having to type e.g.: <ePixmap pixmap="~/img/red.png" position etc..
I can't get it working properly, I'm overlooking something

Still work in progress and (very slowly ) learning

Thx Pedro_Newbie

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