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Backupsuit-git141 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret
    Git 139-141
    Added support for the Octagon sf4008
    Thanks Atoik

    Git 138
    Added some code to report the kernel number for the HD51 multiboot
    corrected an error

    Git 137
    Some minor changes for the HD51. Find the correct kernel partition (important in multiboot environment) and give the kernel#.bin the proper number for backups of the HD51

    Git 136
    Added support for the Spycat Mini Plus, Formuler F4 Turbo and Zgemma I 55

    Git 135
    Added support for the Edision OS mega

    Git 134
    Again a small alteration in scanning for suitable locations for the USB version. On certain mounts the calculated size was wrong.
    If the file 'backupstick' is present in the root of one of the mounts it is possible to make a backup on that mount via the yellow button:
    Backup > USB

    Git 133
    Very small alteration in scanning for suitable backup locations for the usb version

    Git 132
    Changed some parameters for the Uno 4K and Ultimo 4K
    Sent Santa home

    Git 131
    Forgot to upload the changed plugin.py for the models Uno4K en Ultimo4K

    Git 130
    Added support for the VU+ models Uno 4K and Ultimo 4K

    Git 129
    Added seasonal greetings!

    Git 128
    Changed 128
    Some changes because Betacentauri adapted the binary ofgwrite to facilitate the HD51

    Git 123+124
    Reworked the routine for the Mutant HD51. In the former version the possibility existed that the made backup was not complete.
    Now the backup is made of the whole partition and then it's compressed in rootfs.tar.bz2 format.

    The backup can ONLY be restored using the BackupSuite -> Blue button (=Restore backup).
    It can't be flashed by the USB-stick.

    Thanks go to Betacentauri which pointed me to the possible problems and gave me some guidance to the solution!

    It's still work in progress so it could be that in (short) term there will be more changes.
    Please test and report back if there are any issues (or if everthing goes like intended!)

    Git 122
    Added support for the Mutant HD51. The Backupsuite makes a backup in the disk.img format. Don't use it in a multiboot configuration!
    This is the first release for the HD51 and is still work in progress, so use with care.
    The backup made can't be restored via the blue button in the Backupsuite. The backup has to be restored by flashing it via USB just like a new image.

    Git 121
    Merged pull request 120 by persianpros with some minor optimasation of some png files

    Git 119
    Added the Portugese language provided by Nunigaia, Big Thanks!

    Git 116
    Very small change in code, removed an obsolete part and added versionnumber on plugin-list

    Git 113-115
    Changed the parameter for the Vu+ Duo2
    Merged the pull request from devclone. Thanks

    Git 112 20-09-2016
    Added support for the Edision OS Mini plus

    Git 111 29-08-2016
    Added support for the HD 11
    thanx @Pedro_Newbie
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