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Backupsuit-git100 2017-06-25

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Git 100   06-03-2016
It seems that not every one knows the difference between a file and a folder, so for the making of a backup on an USB-stick there is a check on the existence of a file with the text pattern backupstick in the name, now the check is also done on folders!
So if a file or a folder is found on the USB-stick with the text pattern backupstick in the name then the USB-stick is valid.

Git 99   04-03-2016
Merged pull request by Dimitrij: add support dual boot (et8500)

Git 96   29-02-2016
Merged pull request from Athoik which added support for the Edison OSmini

Git 93   21-02-2016
Added support for the HD1500

Git 92   14-02-2016
Some big changes, at first now it is possible to maintain your backups from the plugin.
With the blue button you are now able to delete the backups you want to get rid of.
Please bear in mind that this only works for the backups created with this or any newer version of the BackupSuite.
If you want to be able to do this also for your older backups then you'll have to move the files:
imageversion and BackupSuite.log 
from the data folder to the folder above (in the folder right under the folder /fullbackup_<model/<date_time>/ )
Big thanks to Tension for the changes!

Also debugged a bit for the Solo4k, now you should be able to make a backup of the image in the Solo4k. 
There is still some work to do but for now it should work.
The Solo4k backup can't be restored by the BackupSuite using the ofgwrite utility (yet).
Thanks Findex for doing some testing with his Solo4k!

Git 91   08-02-2016
Added support for the Zgemma 
- Star S / Star 2S
- H5
- H.S / H.2S / H.2H

Git 90   31-01-2016
Added support for the upcoming Golden Interstar LX Class S2 and C
thanx @Pedro_Newbie

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