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Backup Suite 17.0 2017-06-25

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Backupsuite 17.0

Changed in version 17.0
- Now the total program is in one folder: BackupSuite, the "old" folders BackupSuite-HDD and BackupSuite-USB are discarded
- After starting the plugin you can choose to make a backup on HDD(and on USB) or USB only, so there are no 2 separate plugins anymore, just 1 plugin
- The name of the plugin is BackupSuite and is as such in the plugin list, so don't look for Voll-backup or similar
- The plugin is also placed under the blue button for fast access, press the Blue button and it should be there somewhere on top of the list

Also changed:
Added the file noforce.update (only for certain VU+ models)
The file noforce.update works simular as the file noforce on the other brands.

If you want to flash, with use of an USB-stick, your VU+ (all models except Duo & Solo) without the need to push a button to confirm the flashing you can rename the file noforce.update into force.update
If you use this option it may be wise to delete the file reboot.update which causes the receiver to reboot automatic after flash, if you forget to remove the USB-stick the box will be flashed again after reboot.
If you delete the file reboot.update the system waits until it is rebooted by hand.

Lowered the value at which a fatal warning is given when trying to back-up an image greater than 120 MB on Xtrend machines.
The former warning was set at 128 MB but this value has been proven too high. I couldn't restore an image at around 125 MB with the use of an USB-stick

In the program you can now also restore backups online without the use of an USB-stick using Betacentauri's excellent tool ofgwrite
This has several advantages:
- much faster flashing
- restoring backups greater than 120MB is now no problem anymore on the Xtrends

The plugin is not completely translated at the moment so there will be a mix of English and German messages.

The backup process itself isn't changed, it is the familiar screen as in the first posting.
When you start the plugin you have the following choices:
RED BUTTON Cancel/Exit
Backup to HDD (and USB if a valid USB-stick is inserted)
Backup to USB
Restore/Flash a back-up or fresh image from harddisk or any mounted device.
INFO BUTTON Some information about the update, in future releases you can read the changes of that version

The plugin is a very early version so it could be that there are some errors (not in the backup process itself because that isn't changed)

Also my Python programming skills are next to nothing so if an python specialist is in for a good laugh please look at the code (and give some tips )

The startscreen look likes the first screenshot (don't worry the dog won't bite, I just parked it there for the moment, in the near future I will find good use for the space)
The restore screen could look like the second screenshot.



I'm searching for translators who can complete the language files, so for all languages (except Dutch) please feel free to contribute

And finaly a BIG THANK YOU to Betacentauri for his excellent binary which enables the online flashing and
DIMA73 for his plugin from which I cannibalized the python restore part!

Thx Pedro_Newbie

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