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Automated OE-A OnDemand installer script for PLi3 2017-06-25

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As the title says really, this is a script that when run, will automatically download and install all of the required dependancy ipk packages, an ipk that i created, containing the source .py files that are called upon by OnDemand, but dont exist outside of OE-A images normally, and an ipk i created, containing the .py source files directly from the OE-A git itself (latest files at time of posting)

This script is for OpenPLi 3.0 based images

To use, simply unzip the script.sh file, and FTP it to your receivers /tmp folder, change the CHMOD properties to 755, then in telnet, run the commands

cd /tmp
Once its complete, restart enigma, and OnDemand will be there for you.


Tested on Technomate TM-TWIN, TM-2T, TM-SINGLE, Vu+ Duo & DM800

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great work digi
thanks very much for your hard work :)
work's 100% on my tm twin and singal but cant get it to work on my 2t?
im running on pli3.0 4d image 15/5/13