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AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_Galaxy_1.3.72_by Dekolte 2017-06-25

AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_Galaxy_1.3.72_by Dekolte

  1. Ferret
    Amiko Mini Combo & Mini HD T2/C

    What's new

    01) Updated EMU

    Your ©INFINITY TEAM by dekolte (Tomislav)

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  1. wholesale
    Version: 2017-06-25
    I lost all my favourites after updating with this image (AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_Galaxy_1.3.72_by Dekolte).
    Now Amko combo box not letting me update to any other version of Amiko Mini HD combo software as getting message "Boot loader version mismatch" even through i have selected upgrade mode as All SW + bootloaader.
    Anyone had this issue?