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AmazonEcho Dot Plugin 2017-06-25

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AmazonEcho Plugin

@ hmmmdada wrote:

Hello everybody,

Attached the first version of my new plugins to control the box with an Amazon echo.

What do you need:

1 x Amazon Echot / Dot
1x VU 4K box with current VTI image (as of 12.01.2016)

How are you?
1. Install the IPK
2. GUI Restart
3. In the plugin list look for Amazon echo, open

With yellow you can add plugins, which can then be started by voice command - at the moment, only plugins have an entry in the plugin browser.
With Blue you can add stations, with Blue Long complete bouquets.

Until then everything is self-explanatory.

With CH +/- you can jump between the two lists (plugins and stations)

With OK you can edit the call of the selected entry ... Example: ARD ... Echo likes ARD not therefore is a bit rumprobieren announced - until you for your transmitters the appropriate calls together - Here one should therefore as the Sendernamen / Pluginnamen Enter the echo then also works.

Boxname: the name with which you want to speak your box.
Pluginstarter HTTP Port / HA Bridgeport: at the ports you need only change what if the standard ports are already in use. You can also use the HA Bridgeport to reach the web bridge of HA Bridge.
HD in the broadcast name leg Delete call: If this is activated, then when adding stations The first HD automatically The first - the call will be slightly lighter / shorter.
HA Bridge Mode: If you have already run HA Bridge on a Raspi here you can change to external and specify the IP / port of the Raspis - The plugin then automatically connects to the Raspi.

If you add or rename sender / plugins you have to search for devices via the Alexa app under SmartHome so echo the new / changed things also knows-

Otherwise: the one with the transmitters is sometimes a bit tricky - so it would be nice if you shared your sendernamen - thus what you inserts so echo the sender also - here shared. So we all got it

Standard calls:
Echo set [Box Name] to 0-100 for volume changes
Echo turn on the first
Echo turns on / off

Start plugins:
Echo switch on [Pluginname]


AmazonEcho 1.0R13

- Einige Fixes (Box Aufnahme, etc.)

thx @ hmmmdada​

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