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Thread: My House got broken into

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    My House got broken into

    Wife woke me at 7.45 to say my ps3 was gone and all the games, turned out so had my laptop, wifes laptop, ipod, iphone 3 weeks old, wii x 2, HD dreambox, credit cards, wifes purse, over 200 in cash and a load of other gear, on the bright side they did leave my boxset of Friends & M.A.S.H, im absolutely gutted

    and i must say a big thanks to JTH for his help this morning..

    a list of what we know is missing

    1 hp compaq laptop, cant remember the model
    ps3 slim, it has a skin on it and the controllers same as this : PS3S979-28
    2 wii's one with a 2.5 hdd
    Dreambox 800 HD
    iphone black 8 gig in black leather cover : now blocked
    Gold hexogon bangle
    ipod classic
    docking station for ipod, Round in shape and black in colour
    silver digital camera (nixon) and 4 sd cards
    there are more things but i need to check first
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    Re: My House got broken into

    omg paul sorry to hear this tragic news at the start of easter mate...did you have any remote software installed on your lap top? did you see me thread where i had "logmein" installed and they used a wireless dongle and then connected it to a modem thus i captured thier ip address and police are following it up after the ISP gave them the details.

    bastards man!
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    Re: My House got broken into

    were you in the house? scarey stuff - as long as everyones ok


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    Sorry to hear that mate, hopefully you (& yer mates) find out who did it before the constabulary...........
    ps please tell us you're covered with home insurance?
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    Re: My House got broken into

    Sorry to hear this Paul. I know how you feel having been the victim of two house break ins.

    The first was many years ago when I stayed with my mum & dad and all they got was the video and the second time was my own house when they got away with a number of valuables including: Laptop, Digital Camera, Money & Jewelry.

    Noone was ever caught for the forementioned! I hope you have better luck Paul, scum that steal from other people need shooting!

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    Re: My House got broken into

    Sorry to hear that news Paul, hopefully your insurance will cover the losses but the fact someone was in your house must be very disturbing for you.

    A bunch of rotten good for nothing bastards they are.

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    Re: My House got broken into

    Feck sake Paul, sorry to hear this, it's bad enough getting burgled but when your in the house at the time is scary shit mate, hope they/or you get the lowlife scummy bastards mate.

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    Re: My House got broken into

    shit, sorry to hear that...fkin bastards........

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    Re: My House got broken into

    Im gutted for you Paul
    fecking scum some people

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    Re: My House got broken into

    any word yet m8?
    anything i can do just phone me.anytime

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