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  • Hi Been reading your posts and you seem to be the man with regards multiple TT maps on a navigo v2. I've got it working fine with british maps, but (like you I'm looking at adding western europe and america) Can't seem to find a tutorial on how exactly to do it. I've done the tt7 load via a card reader.

    your help would be appreciated


    Hi mate...Not been on for a while, and just seen your message...No, I didn't send it off to them, Christmas and all that took it's toll a bit, but they seemed ok. After a few emails to Nick he came across as genuine, just that I'm a bit wary of these things (same as you) and couldn't find anyone I knew that had used them.
    hi, you previously posted an mp3 formatt audio file of emilio from mr deeds saying sneaky sneaky, do you still have it? as i dont seem to have account privaliges to download it from the previous post?
    Hi HappyH, I'm really new on here but you sound like you really know what you are talking about. I'm having trouble with an R4 upgrade card, I've tried put the v8 software on and the loading dissapears off screen but screen stays blank. So then I tried v7 but loading still stays on screen. Do you have any advice ??
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