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Thread: Can stolen iMac be traced if online?

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    Can stolen iMac be traced if online?

    My mates imac got stolen, just wondering if the fecker goes online can they be tracked?

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    Had a quick look m8 and i guess it prob not possible.

    You can try tho.

    Two suggestions which just might be worth trying:

    1. Put a 'Wanted' ad in a local paper, local shop etc for a secondhand iBook.

    2. Put a 'For Sale' ad for the accessory things like the power supply (assuming that you still have that at home).

    If the pond-life scum bag that has your iBook sees them he may just respond.....

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    It could be tracked but only if he installed software to do so. Obviously he can't do that now. Reporting it stolen is probably all he can do to be honest.

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    Even if you could do a trace the minimum you would require is the unique Mac address.

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    Not much you can do, except maybe claim on his house insurance. They usually cover laptops, and will almost definately cover it if they broke into his house.

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    Now i feel sure someone out there can do better than that. First off the mac address is possible but if the thief uses a router it doesn't mean you will have the same mac address for the computer. but what about the assumption that the drive isn't formatted so all his stuff is still on it. what can we search for? what program would we use. if we were to scan for office is there anyway to see whats on his machine? anybody know how to do that? there is so much talk about hacking and things where people locate a computer is it not possible to search for a computer name? i feel sure there is at least two, maybe three people on this forum that know how to do this. got me all interested now. [smiles]

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    To Be Honest I Really Don't Think There Is a Chance Of Tracing It, Unless you Had Software Installed To Do This. Your Safest Bet Would Be To Claim It On Your House Insurace And Report It To The Police. In Future Purchae a Laptop Bag That Has a Tracking System You simply Get a code Type It On The Online Site And They Senda Report To The Police allowing Them To Retreive It For You.

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    they can be traced

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    Laughs, so at last we have one person that believes it can be traced. well thats one more than we had this morning. Personally i am almost positive it can be traced if a list of the programs installed on it and something maybe like the name of the computer might help. maybe i am missing something, why are you so certian it can be traced? how would you go about it, anyone else got any ideas?

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    I was told they could be traced,but how many laptops are stolen everyday not just in the uk but worldwide,Imo it just does'nt make sense that an individual could trace one laptop,The best advice is as above offering original power supply in your local shop etc

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