Thread: Install XP on Medion MD96290 laptop

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    Install XP on Medion MD96290 laptop

    I really dont like vista. When trying to install XP I kept gettting a message saying HDD couldn't be found. I asked Medion for the drivers for XP. They told me the laptop was not compatible with XP . But I sorted my laptop.

    Had to completely reformat hdd before I got it going.

    Something to do with XP, fat 32 and ntfs...

    Download the X32 drivers from Intel. need the X32 drivers for MD96290

    And have a read of this...

    and this

    This will be very useful...

    Save to a for each.

    You have to use FDD to unpack the drivers to somewhere on comp.

    (Make a folder on desktop to make it easier and save there).

    Go to A:/ drive, copy and paste to folder then use nlite to add to i386...

    Put your XP installer CD in the drive.

    Start nLite, browse to your CD drive. Select it and hit "Next".

    Browse to the location where you'll store the modified XP installer (make a new folder for it if needed). Hit "Next".

    In the list of nLite options, click on "Make Bootable ISO" and "Load Additional Drivers".

    When asked to add drivers in nLite, select the "Single Driver" button and browse to the folder with the SATA drivers.

    Select the F6 floppy folder, and then select the iastor.inf file

    From the text mode driver list, select the ICH7M SATA/RAID drivers, and nothing else.

    Hit "Next" and when you get to the end, either create an .ISO or burn a CD for the modified XP installer.

    should load without having to use the FDD...thats what nlites for

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    nice post m8

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    Re: Install XP on Medion MD96290 laptop

    Thanks man! I spent a couple of hours with this problem until i came across your post here. Turns out i was selecting all the drivers instead of just the ICH7M ones. Once i did what you said everything worked perfectly! Thank you!

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