New in this release:
Enigma2 updates
Fix crash when browsing to inaccesible folder
Removed unused files, shrinking image quite considerably. The 7025 has 7.5 MB flash free after install.
XMLTV importer plugin configuration update
CCcamInfo plugin updated
Automatic plugin install
LCD screen: Blinking R when recording, changed layout
EPG Search works for non-UTF8 encodings like Freesat
NETcaster that does not crash
Standard Dutch favourites list instead of German
Rearranged settings menu
Upgraded tuxtxt which enables teletext cache
Plugin download screen gets server list no more than once per hour
Symlinks in /var to satisfy some softcams
Driver updates for DM8000
Experimental switch to enable a "home page" service
MovieList enhancements: Auto-tagging, playback state icons (beta), directory selection
Picons can be downloaded from feed to CF, USB or HDD
Dutch translations
Downloadable skins
Mount manager
DVD player
Auto-recovers CCCam.cfg, .ssh dir and dropbear_rsa_key from /hdd/backup
Enigma2 (and other components) from 2009-09-11
CCcam 2.1.2
Freesat EPG
Mediahighway EPG
EPG import patch
NZBGet in feed (commandline, use "ipkg install nzbget")
ctorrent in feed (commandline)
djmount in feed (commandline)

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