Thread: FSD 3.0 BETA (FreeStyleDash 3.0b)

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    FSD 3.0 BETA (FreeStyleDash 3.0b)

    TeamFSD Once again brings your XBOX 360 to the next level.

    I am honoured to present to you Freestyle 3. A seamless combination of existing FSD code with Future RxE Code.
    Now before i hear the screams and woes. RxE is being worked on, but due to technical and staffing limitations
    it is taking much longer than anticipated.

    This release will bring to you some of the major improvements researched for RXE and allow you to use them today.
    There is of course Coverflow as well as an enhaced HTTP service (fixes the chrome connection bug).
    Also we are bringing indie support (with dashlaunch) to your gamelist.
    And of course , how could i forget, Kinect integration throughout the entire dash. Both voice and gesture based controls.

    it explains the kinect gestures and informs you of requirements for how to make it all work.

    With pleasure, TeamFSD.

    ** NOTE ** if you install this over your existing FSD it will DELETE YOUR DATABASE(covers etc). NEW INSTALL ONLY! you have been warned.

    Welcome to Freestyle 3.0

    1) This is a fresh Software package, do not install overtop of your existing FSD.

    2) Extract archive and send content to your XBOX 360 MU / HDD / USB.

    3) Launch default.xex using a method that is easy for you. (Dashlaunch, XeXmenu, Etc)

    a) Add game path's in setting menu, and please read the next note carefully before complaining.

    You can press R3 (Right thumb stick) to see what's going on in status bar, and view your ip.

    There is a FTP server and webserver included with F3, so feel free to log into FTP with xbox as user and password.
    Webserver will behttp://your-ip and username and password default to f3http

    Kinect fetures have been added to this dashboard to allow for controller less navigation. Below is a quick explanation
    of the movements required to interact with the dashboard.
    Make sure your kinect is connected to your console then you can perform the following actions.
    Activate - \O/ <----> This is required to enable all further motions.
    | Both hands over your head

    Move Left - _O <----> Left hand out sideways right hand stay natural.

    Move Right - O_ <----> Right hand out sideways left hand stay natural.

    Move Up - O/ <---> Right hand up, left hand natural.

    Move Down - \O <----> Left hand up right hand natural.

    Select - Push forward with either hand
    Cancel Cross arms in front of you making an X

    Also we have voice commands for your please. Say XBOX to see the list (requires kinect hookd up.)

    This is labeled as a beta, and with such, bugs will be in the application, if you feel like you're constantly getting
    bugs and able to recreate them or at least describe them with some detail, please visit our forums (Portal - RealModScene) and
    post the bug/description along with the crash log. The forums will be used now for bug reports until we find a better way
    to track issues.

    ********** INDIE INSTRUCTIONS ***********
    Indie titles REQUIRE dashlaunch with fakelive to be installed
    Indie titles MUST be in a Microsoft Approved content location
    AKA hdd1:\content\0000000000000000\584E07D2\00000002
    Approved drives for content are HDD1: MU: USBMU: INTMU:
    You MUST HAVE Kinect data installed
    you MUST have the Indie Launcher TitleUpdate installed
    The indie titles will scan into Homebrew.


    Download file Freestyle3Rev58.TeamFSD.rar
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    Re: FSD 3.0 BETA (FreeStyleDash 3.0b)

    for this just scanning games now rep added

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    Re: FSD 3.0 BETA (FreeStyleDash 3.0b)

    nice one @irlam will have a play about with it l8ter on 2day
    All information given is to be used for educational and testing purposes only

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    Re: FSD 3.0 BETA (FreeStyleDash 3.0b)

    anyone having bother getting cover art to download?? i am getting the background and what not just no covers?? i have had a look over at realmodscene but all they are saying is keep strong live at false which i have always had it set at.

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