Phone Unlocking Unlocked my K610i thought someone else might benefit from this info...


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Aug 15, 2001
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I've got a K610i which works fine for me but its locked to 3. I want to move to another provider and as the phone does everything I need I thought that I would unlock it rather than buy a new one.

I found some useful information and files all over the internet and within DigitalWorldz of course and I thought that someone else would benefit from this. This should also work on other Sony Ericsson phones too if you can find the firmware.

Here goes... What you'll need..
Software, Firmware a phone and a USB cable to connect it to your comupter.

Download All_Tools_Etc_For_unlocking_DB2020.rar
This will get you the software required...
Unzip these once downloaded Run XS++_v3.1,see below at UNBRAND to find out your phones firmware type e.g. R1KG001- you'll get this when you read and unzip these save for later.
Download your Main firmware (called MAIN) and Flash files (called SE) you'll need both these -
I found these on

Use XS++ to make a backup up of your phone AND also run setool2liteV1.11 and do another backup.
I got the procedure wrong but I just removed my battery and flashed both files from the downloads to recover.

Here goes, I would recommend you print this and go through it slowly step by step...

Lets unbrand the phone first..

Make sure your phone & computer can link up, you might need the CD that came with the phone or download the drivers from the web - mine just worked without these.

Turn off your phone but keep the USB cable plugged in (your follow this procedure a few times..)
Start the xs++ application, click the Connect button within XS++, .
Hold "C" button on the phone and connect the USB cable, the application will read your phone, this is where you can see your firmware type as above. Sony writes new software versions are called CID and vary but if your CID is lower then 52 then xs++ will ask you if you want to upgrade CID choose YES.

Tick flash main firmware and browse for your main firmware that you downloaded and unzipped earlier.
Tick flash file system and browse for your fs that you downloaded and unzipped.
Tick customize file system select phone model and region, there does not seem to be much difference between the various regional options maybe different language options but most seem to have English!

Press the flash button and wait.

Remove battery from phone and re-start, the phone will reset and go through the set-up menu for time, date etc. this should have unbranded your phone.

Next we'll unlock the phone to any provider
Open up SIMLockPatchGen program then take the main firmware and drag it to its window - this will create a file - make sure you watch where its stored.

Choose your phone from the list e.g. K610i
Tick the Bypass DB2020 Security only
Underneath this click ADD and find your MAIN firmware
Then in MISC files click ... and add the file you created using SIMLockPatchGen as above
Click FLASH then press the C button & plug in your phone, this will take a few mins.
The MAIN Flash will be first...
Once its complete a message will pop up, follow the instructions.
The Patch file is next ... the flashing procedue will continue taking a few minutes, once its complete a message will appear.
Click on "No" to apply the patch. (Clicking on Yes will undo the patch)
Once complete it will state Elapsed: xx seconds, patch has been applied.

Last Part your on the home straight now..

Run SETools again, tick the use "quick access" patch box, select your phone and add the MISC file again
Click on Write Script then press C on your phone and connect up.
Once complete the message Elapsed: xx seconds, patch has been applied will appear.
Turn off your phone, remove battery and test with new SIM, this should work now.

Hope this helps you save ££ by doing it yourself. The link I had to get the SE tools is down but I'm sure someone can post a new link to this ... please.


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Aug 15, 2001
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Just tested this with a new sim and it does not work

I thought that I would own up, I have just tested this with a new sim and it does not work.
The debranding is great and the firmware upgrade makes the screen & icons look better but the Orange SIM does not work. Maybe someone can tell me where I am going wrong. I ran through this all again and I've obviously got something wrong.

Thanks Keith.


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Nov 24, 2006
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or you could just pay 3 £15 to give you the unlock code