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UK and Greek police raids satcardsharing

Discussion in 'Dreambox Receiver Discussion' started by KKSAT, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. KKSAT

    KKSAT Inactive User


    you might notice Satcardsharing/com isn't working at the moment.

    Last week the Greek Police went through a series of clone Dreambox card sharing server raids throughout Greece (7 cities).
    8 Greek nationals and 2 foreign nationals were arrested for satellite piracy by police in the cities of Athens, Salonika, Heraklion Crete, Rhodes, Drama, Korinthos and Syros Island. It was found that these individuals were sharing cards to 1558 clients illegally. During the raids the following were confiscated:

    6 laptops with illegal software

    48 Dreamboxes

    14 card readers

    45 Gammacards

    2 memory sticks

    28 hard disks

    2 Ethernet switches

    27 PCs
    Raids will continue next week as well.

    new police raid linked to Greece was done in uk last week
    Arrested for Card sharing



    Four people Arrested Today by facts For Copyrights theft against NDS from Police .

    Lisa Scott,
    Paul Pulsford,
    Paul Moody,
    Steven Kay.

    Card sharing Server Found in three addresses in a barbershop in london road near Southampton and Romford.


    Has been Arrested Owner of SatGalaxy
    The above 2 information was given to us by a source in NDS


    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
  2. bod

    bod Well-Known Member

    whats your source
  3. bod

    bod Well-Known Member


  4. darren221980

    darren221980 VIP Member VIP Member

    This may also explain why the cs-kings website hasn't been working today as well!
  5. Parad0x

    Parad0x Inactive User

    Ask bod...hes a mod on it.
  6. bod

    bod Well-Known Member

    online there.............
    dunno why peeps cant login
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
  7. overburnit

    overburnit Inactive User

    interesting...very interesting
  8. Fano

    Fano Member

    Cant say I'm surprised.
    They got too big for their own boots.
    Plastering their server all over the internet,what did they expect ?
  9. bod

    bod Well-Known Member

    totally agree.....even setting up boxes with lines installed........just askin for trouble

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