UBomb (Uncased & Pre-Modified)


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Aug 24, 2005
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UBomb (Uncased & Pre-Modified)

got this from jabs tried allsorts nothing works struggling to get in need advice on every thing wish i would of spent more and got t911
in what way doesn't it work m8 - u do know u have to flash it first etc.?
yes i no it needs flashing but it wont need to no if using correct file also what do i need to put dip swtches to tried following tutorial no joy
the closest i got was with dip 2+4 ON and grey button pushed in and tried to flas with U-Bomb XP Atmel Flash and it found atmel but had a error so didnt finish the fash. and i though i cracked it!

the jabs webiste gives a tutorial and it shows that u need to alter the ubomb etc,

does a pre-modified one mean they have done all this?
I Have Tried Every Possible Way There Is To Flash This Ubomb From Jabs With No Success So U Aint On Your Own Mate I Have Also Read That The Chip Named Ic1 Need Changing To The Same Chip But One Other Than A Philip[s The 74hct04n Works Apparently! I Have One On Order So Will Post Results When It Comes!