TV on Dbox LCD Plugin ?


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Jun 6, 2005
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Guy's, do any of you know where i can fing the TV on LCD plugin :flame: i saw i a while back but cannot find it anywhere (Yeh i've used the search button) :) Oh and the Spiral plugin yeh yeh i know your wondering why ? but i just fancy a look at it. :)

So thanks for your help ppl, one last thing Gav's new Sportster rock's thanks gav :Cheers:
haha how cool is that tv in lcd plugin .. quite useless but looks cool.
whats the spiral plugin do?
Thanks mate (LincCracker), the Spiral is like a twirly thing that spins on the Dbox LCD kinda like a screensaver. Dunno where that is either anybody else know where to find it ?

Thanks again .
Cooltool where dose the TV on LCD plugin live in the dbox

E.G The TMP folder ?

no idea i just ran the .bat file and it installed it .. read the file and it show u what dir it puts the stuff in.
stellarocksme said:
Thanks, is that you in your Avitar ?
hahaha no .. some chain mail with images of the "worst halloween" costumes .. i think that one is ace!
that elvis one is class too ...
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